Specification Sheet (with Dimensions)



RENU Cold Tank Set Up Instructions

RENU Delivery Instructions

Tank Dimensions:

Body Measurements:

    • 64" Long X 33" Wide X 34 1/4" High
    • Weight: Approx 375 lb (with no water & non-palletized)

Step Measurements:

    • Step Body: 18" wide X 12" deep X 6" tall
    • Step Deck: 20" wide X 14" deep X 1 1/2" tall
    • Total Height: 7 1/2" tall

Necessary Equipment:

  • Standard 110V 3-prong plug. Cord is 10 feet long but approximately 30 inches are inside unit, so plan on roughly 7.5 feet of usable cord. Use a grounded 3-prong extension cord if needed
  • Accessible water source to fill tank (just a hose, not a hard line)
  • Usable drain: tank is set up with hose bibb and can connect to any regular garden hose to easily drain tank

Typical Power Consumption (with Chiller running):

  • 350-500 Watts @ 3-5 Amps 

Additional Information:

  • Large Vent should not be blocked - Vent requires at least 26 inches between itself and a wall to be able to remove vent. Mechanics bay is located inside the large vent, and will need to be accessed to change filter and/or any mechanical issues 
  • Small Vent should not be blocked - Vent provides direct access to the chiller to change temperature of water
**Both vents should not be blocked to also allow air travel**

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