Use the Power of Daily Cold Plunge to Recover Faster, Feel Better, Boost your Immunity, Think Clearer, Reduce Pain, Burn Calories, as well as Healthy Skin and an Improved Headspace.

Is Daily Cold Plunging

Right for you?

  • Are you a human being looking to be the best version of yourself?
  •   Are you pushing the limits of possibility each day and always looking for an edge to keep you in peak physical, mental and spiritual shape?
  •    You're looking for a proven Immunity booster that has real science behind it so you can have a Healthy and Robust Immune System
  •  You want Healthier and Younger looking Skin and better Skin Health
  •    You desire Increased Happiness and are looking for healthy way to combat Depression and Anxiety.
  •   You're always Cold and want to train you body to have Stronger Thermogenesis (the ability to control your own body Temp)
  •   You're looking for a way to Combat Inflammation and Arthritis
  •   You want to be a more Disciplined person.

If so, then you know that there is NO product for Daily Cold Plunge that is always cold, clean, and safe that has the simplistic, artful, and modern design you've been looking for... until now!

Hey There, I'm Bill!

Founder of RENU Therapy

I am an Entrepreneur, Family man, and I love to Ski and Surf. At 50 I am hitting bigger and harder goals than I thought possible. I use every trick and hack to hit harder and stay in the game longer.

After reading a book about Wim Hof, I decided to practice cold water immersion. A daily Cold Plunge has been a game changer for my physical and mental performance. Running 2 businesses, staying fit, and being there for my family is no easy task, and that is why I go into an ice bath every single day!

Since cold showers did not cut it, I tried Cryotherapy and soon realized that the benefits were weak unless I was there for a minimum of 1 to 2 times a day. Cryotherapy did not justify the huge time investment and financial commitment of $900 a month in visits and membership.

I also tried a DIY cold plunge aka "homemade freezer hack", but we had a huge scare when my wife almost got electrocuted. I also hated that the water was dirtier, and wasting time and water with the weekly change. I also had a messy water leak in my garage. Way too much work!

I researched every cold tub, cold tank, and plunge tank on the market and liked none. They either looked homemade or required a team of contractors. I wanted something that was not permanent, added to the aesthetics and design of my home, and of course.....always Cold and Clean!

RENU came to me on a ski trip to Mammoth. I drove in injured from a surfing accident and was worried about 5 days of skiing. My plan was to take lots of Advil, and "Take It Easy" which is a nightmare for me. My luck changed when I found an ice cold pool in the form of a broken hot tub at my hotel. New plan, ditch the Advil, and go into the Ice Tub every day before and after skiing. I crushed it the entire trip and drove home feeling powerful and Renewed.... which is when and where I decided to make the best Cold Plunge Tank out there, designed for those who understand the power of cold water immersion. RENU Therapy was born in Mammoth with the idea of bringing Contrast Therapy to the many people who want to Step Up their Physical and Mental Performance!



cold water plunges



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The RENU Cryo Plunge Tank’s always cold and clean technology will encourage you to add "Cold Water Immersion" to your daily routine. The RENU Deck Top provides a place for you to perform "Breath Work" before and after your Cold Plunge. A programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature which means No Ice Required!!! The RENU Plunge Tanks can live outdoors or indoors, requires no plumbing, 5 Minute set up, and has a modern design that will elevate any environment.

Strength of Character We believe quality design deserves the best materials. That’s why we treat our wood in the traditional Japanese technique shou sugi ban (焼杉板), or Natural Chemical Free Oil Treatments rendering them both weatherproof and waterproof.

Always Cold And Ready For Your Morning Routine You choose exactly how cold you want to be. The RENU Plunge Tank constantly maintains the water at temperatures between 39 and 55 degrees. All of the cold without the work.

Always Clean, Easy To Maintain, and Conserves Water. RENU Therapy has a 4-Part Purification System that is All Natural with No Chemicals required! Ozone, or energetic oxygen, is a powerful oxidizer, combined with a 10" Filter System, surface Dirt and Oil Remover Buoy, and a Spa Sanitizer Mineral Stick that uses silver ions to destroy bacteria and algae. The RENU Plunge Tank stays clean and rarely requires a water change which conserves water. 

Designed For Your Safety and Convenience. You want your Cold Water Immersion to be conveniant and safe. Unlike a dangerous modified meat freezer and potential electrocution, the Siberian Cryo Plunge Tank is weatherproof, uses a standard 110 Plug, safe around water, and sets up in a few minutes! Always COLD, eliminating the need to buy and haul ice.

What do Tony Robbins, Laird, Jocko, Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, the Founder of Twitter, Wim Hof the Ice Man, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Adam Corolla, and Kevin Hart all have in common?

These Thought Leaders and High Achievers all use Cold Water Immersion Daily as a way to Peak their Physical and Mental Performance

I Want Better Performance
cold water immersion users

Cold Water Immersion and Cryotherapy....what's the difference?

Laird Hamilton said it best on the Joe Rogan podcast when he said, "Go in an ice tub because cryo’s a cakewalk compared to a real ice tub."

cold immersion tub


ice bath machine


What about converting a Freezer?

converting a freezer

What about converting a Freezer?

  • NOT SAFE! Danger of electrocuting yourself, a child, or loved one is high. Having to "Remember to unplug" is not a good safety protocol. Cold Plunging is about health and Wellness, not shock and death.
  • You need to Seal with Silicone before you use. Silicone only last a month or so in Freezers which are meant to hold frozen food, not water! Leaking water will damage a home or worse, and increased saftery hazard.
  • Freezer Hack Tubs are dirty. Without a filtration system and Ozone, the water your plunging in will need to to be drained and replaced every 2-weeks which is a lot of work and a waste of water.
  • They look like.....well a freezer. If you care about aesthetics and the look of your Dwelling, a freezer is part of the problem, not the solution.
  • If done improperly, they can Freeze the water and blow out the sides of the freezer rendering it broken. There are many problems trying to set up the timer to keep the water cold but not Freeze, expand, and blow out the unit.
  • High Electric Bills. Freezers are infamous for high utility bills

What Cold Plungers Are Saying About Us


Serial Entrepreneur

"Legit, I tapped into the release of endorphins."


Pharmaceutical Executive

"I have multiple injuries and after just 3x, I felt awesome."


Founder of Empringham Media

"My energy is through the roof I just feel fantastic."

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