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Marcus Aurelius Statue
Dr. Eric Lane
Love the Statue

Been looking for a Marcus Aurelius Statue for a long time. This one is great. Put him facing me to remember his stoic philosophy while plunging. Great product.

Love it

Loving the tank, beautiful, clean and gets down to around 40 temp no problem

Love this cold plunge tank! Highest quality and terrific customer service. Feels amazing!

Renu is the Best

Renu is top notch. Communication with Renu is always top notch and prompt. Thanks for the great service.

The Cold Stoic
Jeffrey A.
I love it!

I love my cold plunge... I've used it every day since it arrived. Bill and his team have been super helpful and responsive to all questions.

The Cold Stoic
claire stansfield
Best purchase ever!

I love my Renu Therapy cold plunge so much. My kids are athletes so we all use it to ease our sore muscles. We are addicted and challenging each other is our néw family game. My sore aching feet and back thank Renu. I could not be happier. It is an expensive luxury but after buying tons and tons of ice and cold packs and cryotherapy sessions I believe in the long run we will save. Thank you Renu. Great team and Customerservice


Great product, excellent communication and customer service. I count my lucky stars every day I’m chillin in my icebox.

The Cold Stoic
Julio G.
Game Changer

I have had our Cold Plunge for a little over a month. I use it two to three times a day and my 17 year old uses it first thing every morning.

Multiple benefits: adds energy, relaxes both physical and mentally, noticeable effect on physical recovery. After an intense workout or a day of golf, 10 minutes in the plunge will make recovery significantly faster and at times I don't have any soreness the next day because of the plunge.

Great customer service! They answer the phones when you call and they help!

It's a lifestyle change, with multiple health benefits, I love it - and we are better for it.

The Cold Stoic
Rick Nasif
Fantastic Plunge

Bill, your product is top notch. Cannot express how grateful we are that you were inspired to create a safe, clean and effective plunge. My only wish is a chiller that goes down to just above freezing, maybe 35. Yes, I’m a little insane.

Whole Family Is LOVING THIS!

So grateful to Bill and the whole team at Renu Therapy! We absolutely love the Cold Plunge. In just a week we have seen increased energy and mood. And a plus we didn't expect... it has become a family ritual each night before we go to bed. Our son is loving it and we are bonding over our time moving from the Hot Tub to the Cold Plunge as a way to decompress our day and get better sleep.
And it's been great for gatherings as well since everyone wants to try out the cold plunge!! I'm so excited to start my day with a plunge!

The Cold Stoic
Bradley Keywell

The Cold Stoic

The Cold Stoic
Colin Zelmer
Love my cold plunge

I use my cold plunge every day and I love the way I feel. Literally every day.

We are hooked on the cold stoic!!

Wonderful cold therapy tub! It's a beautiful piece of furniture in addition to being optimal for whole body cold exposure. Feels a lot colder than an ice tub with the continuously circulating water. We love our Cold Stoic and use it every day!!

Great filters


experience excellence

My wife and I bought this and it's one of the best purchases we ever made. Thank you...its a game changer

The Cold Stoic
Stephen Harris
Fantastic Experience / Great product

I'm extremely happy with my cold plunge pool as well as the customer service. This was definitely worth it and I feel it has already provided me with health benefits

The Cold Stoic
Joe Beimel

I bought this for our baseball training facility and it has been a game changer for myself and our athletes. It is easily the best cold plunge on the market. It’s super easy to use and maintain. Bill was also super helpful and accommodating. I’m a huge fan

The Cold Stoic
Thomas McMinn
Cold tub

The tub works great and is a nice addition to our back screened in patio. I use the tub every day and the water is always fresh and at the temperature I have set on the cooler.Thanks Bill for a quality tub that performs and looks great.

The Cold Stoic
James Roach
Extremely happy!

Bill was super to deal with, super responsive and really stands behind his products. WE are very happy with it and would recommend it to others!!

Great product. Great service.

Great product. Great service. Loving the unit. It got slightly damaged during shipping and Bill jumped through hoops to correct the situation. I highly recommend the product. Looking forward to enjoying it for a long time.

So happy we bought this!

Love this unit. I use it 5 times a week with no issues.

Love our Cold Plunge

Living in Arizona proved to be a challenge at first in maintaining a cold enough temperature. Bill Bachand worked exchanging out a chiller to make the tub work in our extreme heat. The tub is easy to care for and we are in it every morning - perfect size and the tub operates efficiently and quietly.